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The Missing Factor – New Year, New Goals

On this episode of “The Missing Factor,” Drew discusses the new year of 2015 and the goals he has set out for himself.  The last time we saw Drew he was talking about his visits to the ER and a few surgeries he has gone through.  Since then he has come up with a few resolutions and has already acted on them for the new year.  A quick overview is listed below:

-Losing weight (before surgeries he was at the weight he wanted to be at) Drew says he has 4 months to get down to the weight he wants be at in time for his niece’s wedding
-Joined a gym/beginning to go 3 times a week
-Cutting soda, eating healthier, drinking a lot more water and seeing a nutrionalist and personal trainer
-Switching to prophylaxis dosing for hemophilia to better control the bleeds, especially during his workouts
-Starting a new mini-series to be shown on YouTube/Facebook called “Blood Line” – A girl finds out she has an anecdote in her body to a virus that is threatening the U.S. (Drew has been making movies since age 8).

As always, at the end of the video Drew encourages you to reach out to him with any questions.  Links to reach him can be found towards the bottom of the page. As always, thank you Drew for your time and sharing your experiences in this new episode of “The Missing Factor” and happy 2015 to you!

Drew gives us an in depth view into his life on a daily basis with each new video post.  Click the links below to view more videos:
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Meet Drew

Drew Kochera is a severe hemophilia who has been doing video blogs for nearly 8 years about his life. He started going through a number of surgeries a few years ago and took a break from blogging. He recently began recording videos again and has been posting them to his YouTube Channel and Facebook page (The Missing Factor).


We reached out to Drew back in February of 2014 and are excited that he decided to let us distribute his blog. We share Drew’s goal of providing a resource where you can learn about bleeding (and clotting) disorders, the latest happenings, and a sense of community. We hope you enjoy Drew’s sense of humor, honesty, and knowledge of hemophilia as much as we do. Thanks again Drew – we can’t wait for the next episode!

January 8, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff – your source for bleeding news!

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  • Thanks for sharing Drew. Our resolutions are definitely similar.

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