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142 Cases of Hemophilia in Davao City

November 8, 2013; Posted by: webleed staff

The Mindanao Hemophilia Center in Davao City, Philippines reports that were 142 cases of hemophilia in Davao City as of May 2013.  With a population of 1.36 million the recurrence of hemophilia cases is roughly 1 in every 9,000 people (in the US, that number approaches 1 in every 10,000).

“Most of the patients diagnosed are those who are below five years old since that is the time when most of the patients manifest the symptoms of the disorder,” Hematologist Dr. Jennie Ong told the Sun Star Davao.  The youngest patient that they are treating right now is a one year old child from Kidapawan while the oldest patient is 53 years old from Davao City.

The 2013 population estimate for the Philippines is nearly 99 million people.  If Davao City is the rule, rather than the exception, there are more than 11,000 hemophiliacs in the Philippines.

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