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United Kingdom: After Failed Pregnancies Woman Has Baby

November 7, 2014; Posted by: WeBleed staff

A mixture of Aspirin and blood clotting drugs help woman have successful pregnancy.

Sarah and Chris Broadfield had been trying to have children for almost a decade.  The only obstacle in their way for all of this time was a diagnosis of Antipshospholipid syndrome (AS) which is a main causes for serious blood clots and repeated miscarriages in women. It’s estimated that AS is responsible for one in six cases of multiple miscarriages, as well as one in six cases of deep vein thrombosis. Then, after waiting for almost 10 years, time that included two failed miscarriages and many failed In Vetro Fertilization (IVF) attempts, they welcomed their son Alfie into the world in August of 2014. Their cost over that time on fertility drugs was over £15,000 (roughly $24,000).

“Finally holding Alfie in my arms after everything we’ve been through was the best moment of my life – and it’s all thanks to me taking an aspirin a day,” Sarah told Daily Mail UK. “It was such a relief to know what was wrong and the solution seemed impossibly simple…If only I’d known that taking one aspirin a day could help me so much it would have saved us a lot of heartache.”

Doctors recommended Sarah take a daily aspirin throughout her pregnancy that would thin her blood and dramatically reduce the risk of her miscarrying for a third time. It worked in combination with her anti-clotting injection daily throughout the pregnancy.

A neat, heartwarming story for your Friday – congrats to Sarah, Chris and baby Alfie.

Photo Credit – Daily Mail UK – your source for bleeding news!

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