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Pharma/BioTech Update: Bayer and Dimension Team Up For New Gene Therapy

June 24, 2014; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Dimension Therapeutics to collaborate on gene therapy study for hemophilia A.

Big news coming out of the pharma industry today. Earlier today, Dimension Therapeutics announced a $252 million licensing deal with Bayer Pharmaceuticals.  This bio-science deal will help fund Dimension’s current work on developing a new gene therapy for hemophilia A in its current Phase I/IIa study.  Bayer will obtain all commercial rights to the therapy if all goes well into the Phase III studies and trials.


With the partnership, the current hemophilia B treatment that Dimension is working on will continue to gain momentum all the way to the market according to a release from FierceBiotech.  Dimension Therapeutics’ plan is to “build a full pipeline of new gene therapy products.”   Dimension and Bayer are both working on a major game changer –  a pre-clinical gene therapy program in which victims of the disease can look forward to much, much more than weeks or months between bleeding episodes. Updates will be posted as more information becomes available.

Photo Credit – Bayer Pharmaceuticals/Dimension Therapeutics – your source for bleeding news!

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