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February 25, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Soxxy partners with Air Canada and American Airlines to bring awareness to Deep Vein Thrombosis.


A company that specializes in socks designed to help patients avoid clots is partnering with Air Canada and American Airlines according to a release from Virtual-Strategy Magazine. Soxxy is celebrating Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) awareness month with a special campaign designed to improve leg health inflight and on the ground. Both Air Canada and American Airlines will be selling Soxxy compression sox onboard and broadcast the DVT awareness video on their inflight entertainment systems throughout March.

“Our goal is to provide simple, everyday solutions that will improve passengers’ leg health against DVT and other venous related diseases,” stated Soxxy CEO, Sarah Stabile. “Four percent of 745 million passengers = 29.8 million passengers who develop blood clots or DVT. If we can reduce that number by just one percent in the next two years, that would be a huge achievement.”

Throughout March, Soxxy compression sox are discounted 10%.

Photo Credit – Virtual Strategy Magazine – your source for bleeding news!

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  • I have no family hiosrty of DVT and got this 18 months back in my lower left limb.. was not able to move for a month then with the continuous dosage of LMWH there was improvement. Later a drug called ACITROM was advised to me by my DOC which i regulary had for next 8-10 months and then stopped. Now I am on NO medication ( since last 7-8 months) and not going to the Doc . Still there is a little pain in the lower limb if i walk a bit more than the usual.. seems i have to live with it now.

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