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Michigan: Telemedicine grant to benefit bleeding disorders patients

December 9, 2014; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Specialty bleeding disorders clinic receives national grant for telemedicine.

Neat story out of Traverse City, Michigan today. A local bleeding disorders center, Northern Regional Bleeding Disorder Center’s at Munson Medical Center in Michigan, just received a USDA grant worth worth over $200,000 that will be geared toward providing long distance for patients with bleeding disorders. These bleeding disorders include hemophilia, platelet dysfunction and von Willebrand disease. The center expects to have all of the updated technology it needs by April of 2015.

“One of the goals in the whole healthcare arena is to provide care closer to home,” said Lisa Kent, Munson’s video-conference support specialist, in a Traverse City Record-Eagle article. “It’s much better if we can get them care in their home setting without having them go to an emergency room or to the hospital.”

The center also recently received a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration that tracks the quality of care from nurse-led clinics versus the quality of care from physician-led clinics. 

WeBleed will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

Photo Credit – Jan-Michael Stump – your source for bleeding news!

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