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China: Student Suing University for Alleged Expulsion Due to Hemophilia

January 23, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff

21 year old with hemophilia suing university in Beijing.

Interesting story coming out of China today. Yahoo News is reporting on a medical discrimination issue that has been ongoing in China.

A 21-year-old journalism major is suing the China Institute of Industrial Relations after being expelled earlier this month. He had been pressured by the school into leaving earlier this year and had applied to be excused from mandatory military training due to hemophilia. The school expelled him under a 2003 education ministry rule saying that universities could “refuse the admission of students who have serious blood diseases.”  The student’s lawyer, Wang Qiushi, was quoted as saying that regulation referred to students who “cannot finish their studies or cannot take care of themselves.”

WeBleed will post updates as more information becomes available.

Photo Credit – China Institute of Industrial Relations – your source for bleeding news!

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