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Baxter Opens Biologic Facility in Asia

August 7, 2014; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Baxter International Inc. opens new facility in Singapore.

Baxter officially announced their expansion into Asia today with their opening of their first advanced recombinant biologic facility in Singapore.  Currently the site supports processing of ADVATE, the market leading full-length recombinant factor VIII (8) worldwide for the treatment of patients with hemophilia A. The second site in Singapore will initially process Baxter’s hemophilia B (FIX) factor medication, RIXUBIS, and will be the primary global commercial processing facility. The second site will also produce the company’s extended half-life recombinant FVIII treatment BAX 855 upon regulatory approval. The new facility will open more than 450 jobs come 2015.

“As a long-standing, established leader in the global hemophilia community, Baxter has focused efforts on improving standards of care for people with hemophilia,” said Ludwig Hantson, Ph.D., president of Baxter BioScience, via a press release from The Wall Street Journal. “The opening of the Singapore facility reinforces our continued commitment to expanding access to advanced, high quality treatments for patients around the world.”

The Singapore facility received  approval from the European Medicines Agency in January 2014 for the production of ADVATE. This allowed the facility to process and supply ADVATE to the European Union, Iceland and Norway.

Photo Credit – Baxter International Inc. – your source for bleeding news!

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