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Qantas is First Airline to Offer Exercise Videos to Help Prevent DVT

Back in February we told you about the partnership between Air Canada and American Airlines with Soxxy compression socks in an effort to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis among their passengers.  Well, Qantas, an Australian Airline, is taking that effort even further by offering passengers on international flights a four minute exercise video.

It was announced this afternoon that Qantas had partnered with Physitrack, Sports Medicine Australia, and the University of Melbourne Department of Physiotherapy.

“These inflight exercises are designed to provide a safe way to stretch and enjoy movement in certain muscle groups that can become stiff as a result of long periods of sitting. They may be effective at increasing the body’s blood circulation and massaging the muscles,” said Professor Kim Bennell, who developed the video.

“It came as a bit of a surprise international airlines hadn’t already introduced these exercise videos given what we know about DVT and long-haul travel. Hopefully, access to these videos will become standard on all international flights,” she said.

Well, better late than never we always say.  Thanks to Qantas for stepping up to keep its passengers safe – hopefully North American airlines will follow suit.

Video credit: Qantas Airline & Physitrack – your source for bleeding news!

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