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Pharma/Biotech Update: Bayer to File Application for Hemophilia Drug Extension

December 2, 2014; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Bayer Healthcare announces application for approval of hemophilia A drug for mid 2016.

In an article released today by Yahoo News, Bayer Healthcare announced it will file for approval of its hemophilia drug Bay 81-8973, an extension of Kogenate. With the release of new hemophilia drugs by Biogen Idec and late phase testing of Novo Nordisk drugs, Bayer’s announcement comes at a time when new factor pharmaceuticals are gaining momentum.

Along with Bay 81-8973, the company has another  hemophilia A drug candidate in the third and last phase of testing currently. In an article released in March, Bayer  expects to seek approval for this drug, known as Damoctocog alfa pegol, in mid-2016.

These new pharmaceuticals forecast to be longer lasting drugs than the current landscape of hemophilia.  On average, a person with severe hemophilia A injects up to 3 times a week while a person with severe hemophilia B injects up to 2 times a week.  Exciting news nonetheless.

Photo Credit – Bayer Healthcare – your source for bleeding news!

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