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February 10, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff

A 23 year old hemophiliac explains how he manages his blood disorder and pursual of longboarding.

A cool story out of Oklahoma today.  The OKNews did a report on Troy Howell, a young man with hemophilia who has managed his condition and has been able to pursue athletic endeavors like skateboarding. At birth, doctors told Troy’s parents that he only had hours to live. Before his condition became life-threatening, he was treated with factor therapy and was able to control symptoms of the disease. His love of music and drumming helped him gain mobility in his ankle from the repetitive motion of pressing the kick pedal. Now he has pursued longboarding, better known as riding a long skateboard.

“In addition to helmets and wrist guards, I’ve worked with my doctor to determine the best infusion schedule so that I can longboard safely,” explains Troy. 

To read more of Troy’s story, click the link here. – your source for bleeding news!

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