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Horse Enthusiast Helps Others, Charity

January 6, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Rachel Hambling shares her blood clot story and raises money/awareness for those with blood clots.

One person who suffered from blood clots is now helping the many.  Horseback riding lover and occupational therapist Rachel Hambling, 29, had blood clots reach her lung in January of 2011. After making a full recovery after a scary situation involving these clots, she is helping others who suffer from her same situation. Rachel has organized events to raise money and awareness for the national thrombosis charity Lifeblood.

 “I am overjoyed with the support I’ve had from everyone,” Hambling told the Sunderland Echo.  “I will, as I always have, be celebrating my ‘clot-iversary’ (January 24) with friends and family to mark the fact I’m one of the lucky ones.”


Photo Credit – Sunderland Echo / Lifeblood – your source for bleeding news!

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