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England: Hemophilia Organization Calls for Tainted Blood Review

January 20, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff

Haemophilia Society advocating for review of tainted blood transfusions in England.

In an article released by The News out of England today, the Haemophilia Society, which supports people with bleeding disorders, is calling for a government review of bad blood transfusions that occurred prior to 1991.

“Almost everyone who was a hemophiliac who had a transfusion before 1991 would have been contaminated and we have identified them,” says Liz Carroll, chief executive of the Haemophilia Society, “The tricky situation is for people who had a transfusion for another reason, such as during childbirth or because of an accident. Because the hepatitis C virus takes about 20 to 30 years to show signs, people will be unaware they are living with the condition…we are campaigning for a resolution for all those infected.”

Around the time prior to 1991, tainted blood was an issue for hemophiliacs in need of transfusions in countries like England and the United States. The Lord Penrose Public Inquiry was launched by the Scottish government to investigate the UK-wide scandal.

“We want a public apology and a review of the care needs of all those who have been affected,” Carroll said.

WeBleed will publish updates as more information becomes available.

Photo Credit – Haemophilia Society – your source for bleeding news!

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