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California: Local Camp Celebrates 25 Years

January 22, 2015; Posted by: WeBleed staff

The Taylor Family Foundation celebrates 25th Anniversary with start of hemophilia camp.

A camp for children who have chronic illness is celebrating their anniversary in 2015.

According to The Independent, The Taylor Family Foundation (TTFF), founded in 1990 by Barry and Elaine Taylor, has served children with developmental disabilities, life-threatening and chronic illnesses such as brain tumors, hemophilia, autism, heart disease, diabetes, pediatric cancers, skin disease, asthma, burn survivors and pediatric HIV/AIDS .

The Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California (HFNC) will bring its annual group of children to Camp Arroyo and kick off the yearlong celebration. Each year 3,000 children have the time of their life in a unique camp experience at no cost. The campers learn to overcome challenges, build lasting friendships and are given the opportunity to be kids without worrying about medicine, doctors, surgeries and other difficult life circumstances giving them hope for a brighter future. TTFF continues the commitment to providing financial and emotional support for children and families in the community who are in critical need.

For more information, please visit or call (925) 455-5118.

Photo Credit – The Independent – your source for bleeding news!

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